that’s it , then…?

After eight years of bringing high quality mirth making to Hassocks and it’s suburbs under the banner of Ha!Ha! Hassocks we have decided to hang up our comedy cassocks and go out with a bang.

The Treason Show (satire of the highest calibre – “Have I got news for you” meets spitting image doused in “Not the nine o’clock news” ) brings to an end a little under a decade of entertainment embarked upon to celebrate my birthday, at Adastra Hall, back in 2015 under the banner “nothing ever happens in Hassocks” – compared by Stephen Grant, featuring Rudi Lickwood, Tom Deacon, and bringing Ian Moore back from France on his vespa to headline. It was packed to the rafters, and I’m told one of the best things to happen in Hassocks this century.

So now we bring this joyous set of events – over 50 different comedians and many varied evenings – to a close and we would like nothing better than to fill the village hall once again for an appropriate send off into oblivion.

there are still 25 – 30 tickets left for sale – would be lovely to see you


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