Opening Hours – into 2024

Monday 8.30am – 3.00pm

Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday 8.30am – 3.00pm

Thursday 8.30am – 3.00pm

Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm

Saturday 9.00am – 2.00pm

Sunday 9.00am – 2.00pm

We’ve tried four months of Breakfast times (7.30-10 am) at the Purple Carrot every weekday morning from September. Unfortunately, the people who assured us they wanted this earlier service very rarely used it, so into 2024 we’re pushing the opening back to 8.30 am on a weekday, and remaining closed on Tuesdays. what this does mean is that you get a bit longer in the afternoon to enjoy your lunch. Nothing fancy but excellent tea and coffee, juice and smoothies, toast and accompaniments, obviously bacon and eggs, some tempting shakshuka, various vegan offerings, and yoghurt berries and granola. When it gets a bit colder we might even venture into proper porridge too

Brunch to Lunch gives a fullish morning menu with excellent PC salads, Toastie Ciabattas, Jackets, and a weekly special or two for a bit of variety.

For the present our awesome Street food suppers are only to be had when events are on in the evening such as quizzes, bookclubs and interest groups…so why not get a few of you together and book us for an evening?

All new Carrots – doom, gloom and dirty laundry, and Breakfast club beginnings

I reckon that has to be one of the most miserable winters I can remember ever going through, even after two recent years of COVID. and spring to summer hasn’t really been much better.

At the risk of upsetting a few people who feel coffee shop owners shouldn’t do politics it looks like the self-serving mean spirited words and actions of our austere politicians, and piss-taking multinationals have finally taken their toll. Utilities, food, transport, and travel basics have all risen to such an extent that providing a “lipstick treat” service such as a beautifully crafted flat white, a scrumptious stuffed vegan kebob, a melt-in-your-mouth lush Halloumi burger, a sizzling shakshuka or a plain and simple salted caramel flapjack now goes from the realms of a (regular) treat to a cautious appraisal of the monthly budget and a possible trip out doors.

One of the main problems is that in all good conscience, I cannot bring myself to put prices at where they must sit to make enough profit to continue trading and pay the bills at the same time. So this will be our last year in this particular incarnation of purple carrotier progressivism.

While our website goes from professional to cut-price, one thing we will not skimp on is the quality of our product. Both food and drink will continue to be sourced providing the best quality as ethically as possible, as our menu gets set for autumn and winter with a spring cleaning of our prices.

These have been unfortunate times for the purple carrot. If only certain people had paid us what they owed the predicament we have now would not be upon us. At the end of September we go back to court with a previous landlord aiming to take a chunk out of our house, because he’d rather litigate than play it straight and put his hand in his very deep filled pocket. We also face the thorny issue of tackling our previous under-tenants who have currently screwed us out of (coffee)house and home leaving us with a large financial hole for the last 5 1/2 years. Two different utility companies have found that over-charging and underperforming in their provider roles doesn’t always just get them more cash from docile micro-businesses, but it sure is a battle of time and money to get a fair hearing and a fair outcome. HMRC really don’t like admitting they have got something wrong, and pick up the phone less frequently than my deaf old ma (love you mum). And as a last little cherry on the top when your bank decides that you are in arrears on a loan even though you are months ahead of payments and pulls the plug then the fan really is being hit very hard indeed.

so what to do?

Well as you might have guessed from this unseemly airing of private laundry we, like so many others suffer from black dog days, bouts of what are probably classed as depression, ADHD and anything else you may care to label it as. One of the hardest things to do is get out of bed in the morning and get on with the day. We’ve had a go at the tried and tested “hiding the head under the pillow” option but that only offers comfort for a limited time.

Therefore, thus and without prevarication we are now going to tackle that issue head on and from 4 September we will be opening our doors at 7.30am Monday – Friday to provide breakfasts and space to get ready for the day. Don’t come expecting croissants and pastries, that’s not breakfast just an artful sugary carb filler, but good coffee; many quality teas; toast and local marmalade; yogurt, and pc granola with berries on top; bacon and eggs; shakshuka to punch a hole in that early morning fug; vegan and veggie treats. If no one comes at least I’ll get a coffee and chance to catch up on loads of lovely paperwork


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