Politics is dead – let’s celebrate…

with a pointless meaningless quiz of Trivia and general nonsense. More questions than a Lib Dem leaflet drop. More reliable facts than a Labour party poll. More enjoyment than a Green manifesto.

Just two pledges for this week’s election night Thursday Trivia Quiz. (8pm at the Purple Carrot) 1. There will be no politics in this week’s questions. 2. The Jackpot £100+ will be won – even if there’s only one team! a nice little something to soften the upcoming next 5 years of austerity. We offer food beforehand from 6.30pm ish and this weeks frippery allows you to bring your own booze for a small corkage fee. There is no football to be missed, and Sunderland will struggle to declare before you get finished, home and feet up for 6 hours of mad mad Jeremy Vine talking twaddle all the time

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